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The M.C.U.D. Speaks about Cuba with the Committee on Foreign Relation of the United States Senate.

From left to right, Eng. César L. Alarcón, Senator Richard G. Lugar & Eng. Andrés Pérez

MCUD Internacional -  www.cubamcud.org  - 03-07-2004 - The Cuban Movement for an Unified Democracy (M.C.U.D.) fulfilling its international agenda, was received last Friday at the United States Senate by the recognized Senator Richard G. Lugar, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations.

In addition to Senator Richard Lugar, Carl E. Meacham and Daniel C. Diller, the meeting was attended by Eng. César L. Alarcón and Eng. Andrés Pérez both representing the MCUD. The meeting was held in a very frank and cordial atmosphere. Senator Richard Lugar affirmed that he had ample information on the activities and International work of the M.C.U.D. He was pleased with the visit of its representatives and wanted to take advantage of the occasion to send a message of hope to the Cuban people.

Eng. Alarcón expressed to the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations the extreme concern of the Cuban community and especially the people of Cuba of the urgent need for a clear and definitive position on the foreign policy of the United States towards the communist regime of Cuba. The members of the M.C.U.D indicated that it is the appropriate timeframe for the enforcement of the laws already in existence, whose total fulfillment would obtain the effective isolation of the prolonged dictatorship. They explained that every day that passes for the Dictator in power and each currency that enters his coffers is one more aid destined to sustain the most bloody repressive apparatus of the West. A prolongation of the suffering of the Cuban people, especially for the hundreds of political prisoners tortured and their families, and one more way to maintain a regime that insists on contributing to the destabilization of the Latin American democratic systems and gives shelter to international terrorism.

Europe already understands that they must be more proactive in condemning the constant violations to Human Rights on the Island: they have suspended commercial agreements and retired financial aid to the tyranny. The United States, which has always has been the bastion of Freedom, must help to accelerate the entrance of democracy in Cuba and asphyxiate such a shameful dictatorship. This can be obtained by implementing existing laws, clarified Eng. Alarcón.

The Committee on Foreign Relations was asked that through the figure of the Chairman, Senator Lugar, send a communiqué to all the Senators and Congressmen clarifying that the foreign policy towards Cuba must be a Policy of State. It does not have to be subject to the electoral and partisan conjunctures and must be independent of the Cuban vote in the United States, contrary to which many believe. Our brothers on the island deserve a single and clear position that is not affected by national political interests. The Cuban regime is a real danger that harms this Nation and affects the system of values that have sustained it and its most basic foundations since its origins.

In an atmosphere of frankness and confidence the MCUD also approached other subjects: it explained to the Senator and his advisers that there exist a concern generalized by the exile with respect to the internal inefficiency of Radio and TV Martí. The M.C.U.D indicated that it is essential to use the technological developments at the disposal of the United States to avoid the jamming of radio and television signals by the regime preventing his population access to information. It is time to make a systematic effort to get information into the Cuban homes. We believe that it is impossible to continue wasting money from North American contributors on ineffective and bureaucratic information systems that do not fulfill the noble objective that they were created for. To counter with effective tools the disinformation that the regime feeds its citizens is of vital importance for the effective development of the civil society that is totally isolated. It is important for growing the conscience of the population on the slavery which it is under and the radical change that a free Cuba will bring to their lives.

On this matter, Senator Lugar and his advisers clarified that the present administration is working in that direction and that shortly the message of freedom and democracy will be received by the suffering Cuban people.

Before concluding the meeting with Senator Lugar and his team of advisers other topics were discussed relating to the actual situation in Cuba. Discussed was the immediate future of the political prisoners and the systematic repression of the civil society with special emphasis on the cases of the Dr Oscar Elías Biscet and Néstor Rodriguez Lobaina and other outstanding dissidents.

It was also explained to the Committee on Foreign Relations that there exist concrete dangers of certain underhanded activities with the present dictatorial system that tend to limit the transition currently in progress and tie it to the present communist constitution and to foment the division between nationals assigning pre-established roles to certain sectors and leaving out others like the exile. Along this line it was communicated to the Senator that the M.C.U.D. believes that the exile plays and will play a fundamental role in the Democratic transition of Cuba. Not only as investors but as activists in our society, contributing with our experience to a people that have been living for more than 45 years in a closed and totalitarian society. The exile brings democratic experience acquired in countries where individual rights and fundamental liberties are respected. This will be a very enriching contribution that will only arise from the total unification of the Cuban people carrying out the transition towards Freedom.

The Cuban Movement for an Unified Democracy reiterated to Senator Richard G. Lugar its disposition to collaborate with the Committee on Foreign Relations by offering all the probatory documentation that is necessary to demonstrate that in Cuba Human Rights are violated daily and that the regime of Havana does not have any intentions to include itself among the democratic countries. Nor does it intend to fulfill the agreements that they have made regarding Human Rights. On the contrary, it accelerates its subversive campaigns in all Latin America to destabilize the region as it is currently happening in Venezuela. It continues operating as logistical support for many international terrorist organizations.

At the end of the meeting the MCUD clarified that the fight for the Freedom of Cuba concerns only the Cubans, but any international aid contributed in this matter and towards democracy will be welcomed. In that sense a clear line of collaboration and effective means of communication was established to interact with the North American legislative system to bring to Cuba the values of Democracy and Freedom.

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